Glucosamine Rawhide Roll 4″ (2 Pack)


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Glucosamine Rawhide Roll 4″ (2 Pack) These long-lasting chews have a patented round Safety-Knot bone design that helps slow down and enhance the chewing process. The curvaceous shape of the bone along with its big round knots are appealing and ergonomically correct for your dog. Fresh Bark is all natural without any chemicals, bleaches or preservatives. It has a wonderful fresh minty aroma that will please dogs and their owners alike. The patented dental mint marinade flavor absorption process guarantees that the flavor will last throughout the chewing process. It is unlike other basted chews that only have a surface coating that will come off all over your dog and carpet. Chewing Fresh Bark will help your dog’s breath stay fresh while promoting oral health and well-being. Great for ongoing dental health maintainable programs and especially good for puppies cutting their teeth. Ingredients 100% rawhide, maltodextrins, glucosamine